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Welcome to the Go kingdom blog.  This site is to introduce and update you on the ministry of expanding the Kingdom of God in Africa.  I live in Tanzania and also work in Kenya.  I am drawn and compelled by God’s word to serve the least of these while making disciples.

Following the Kingdom Expansion model found in God’s word and expressly communicated to me by my mentor Marc Carrier, my ministry seems to have found its direction in three expressions.  First, I travel the two countries teaching on Kingdom Expansion through making disciples, training in Luke 10 evangelism, teaching obedience to the teachings of Christ and implementing the New Testament model of the church in the house.   Second, I follow up personally with the house churches  guiding the pastors of those churches, serving them as they implement the biblical training model mentioned above.  Third, I am actively involved in my own local house churches at my home base in Usa River, near Arusha, serving the least of these.

Currently, locally, we are serving widows and orphans in our congregation, reaching out to the alcohol producers in our area, an ignored segment of this culture, and serving the sick with food and the comfort of the gospel in a local hospital.  All of these local ministries are in their infancy.

In Kenya the ministry is in the slums of Nairobi.  We serve the persecuted Muslims that have come to Jesus and the poor in the various slums.  There is a wonderfully open spirit there to the gospel.  I am sent by my local church, Island Community Church, in Memphis, TN.  I serve with the support and leadership of Kingdom Driven Ministries under Marc Carrier.  I am connected and supported by my wonderful family at CFNET lead by Joe Jones, a long time missionary and leader of missionaries here in Africa and abroad.   I am honored to represent them to this culture.

Please look into the section  of the blog entitled Most Recent Post.  There you can read the most recent post or  scroll to the first post and journey with me from the inception of God’s leading to the present.  Or you can just go to the various tabs and get an understanding of all that God has called me to do.  The section entitled The Mission and The Method are a great short introduction to my original plan that has varied little.   We are all missionaries.  We are all commanded to GO.    Come, go with me, and we will see God do great things.

Your learning brother,


10 responses

27 11 2011

Glenn I’m excited for you brother, God has big things planned for those who answer the call. God bless brother as you do all things in the name of Jesus Christ.

27 11 2012
Sam and Judy Pace

Your Mom gave us your blog address. So excited to be able to follow your ministry. We are praying for you.
In Christ,
Sam and Judy Pace

14 03 2013
Brett Hancock

ditto to Charlton’s remarks brother!

30 05 2013
Tim Way

Hi Glenn, wow what a thrill to read your blog. I hope you have fun serving our gorious LORD Jesus Christ. Don’t let the elephants catch you. They may out run you but you are way more agile than they are. Hahaha !

27 06 2013

Glenn! I’m not sure if you will remember me but it’s Andrew from the bus ride to Kenya. Tried calling you when we arrived but no luck…

I have returned to Europe and its all so different so will take some time to adjust I think! Just about to have a read through your blog. Hope everything is well with you:)

13 10 2013
Ralph Mrope

Wow, Great to read your blog and thank you for getting in touch.

18 12 2013

I have been “introduced” to you by Steve Happ in Memphis (who I go to church with)…He sent me an email telling me of some of the things you are doing (specifically in the Muslim community). I am and will be praying for you and for all that the Lord is doing. Thank you for serving and obeying Him.

Blessings in Christ,

18 03 2014

HEY YOU ARE LOOKING GOOD. I LIKE THE GRAY HAIR YOU ARE STARTING TO LOOK LIKE ME. Think of you often, pray too. Don’t hardly get on this computer, will check more. Love You.

23 07 2014

Hope to see you in the fall!

24 07 2014
Purley Quirt

You must be related to Hudson Taylor….”my personal hero”:)

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