I saw Jesus in Overton Park

26 11 2011

I saw Jesus in Overton Park

by Glenn Roseberry on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 8:49am

I was jogging through Overton Park this afternoon in the 92F heat longing for the next stop at the water fountain on my 10K run. I glanced to the right and there stood, Jesus. I did not recognize him at first since he was behind the jungle gym near the water fountain. As I approached the other side of the playground and I got a clear view, sure enough it was him. He had on a headset kind of like the ear things you have in your ear for an IPOD only bigger. He had a back pack, glasses on and a big beautiful smile. When I finally got right up to him I confirmed it. There he was, Jesus, disguised, as usual as the least of these. He smelled of beer, maybe from yesterday. He was glad to see me. We speak almost every day at the park. But today I decided that I could not pass Jesus by. I ask him his name and he said he was Willie. He told me he was going to a secret spot to get ready to hide out so he could sleep near the park tonight. He said he was hungry and I could tell he was very hot. He admitted he had been living on the street for some time. I told him where my car was parked and asked him to meet me there in 10 minutes. He said he would try but his feet really hurt and he had to walk real slow. Willie is 58 but moves like he is 78. I jogged off on a less direct route confident that Willie would meet me shortly. As I lost sight of him the Holy Spirit washed over me like a cool breeze. I lifted my hands in praise and continued to run.

We hung out at my car, got him an apple out of my front seat, drank some water together and talked about options for him. He liked living on the street. I ask him if he needed anything and he said that yes he really wanted a haircut. So we loaded up and went to his favorite place. On the way I told him what Jesus meant to me. I wish I had prayed with him before he left, but in a hurry to get to the barber before 5 he rushed out mentioning that he sure hated to leave my air conditioned car. We agreed to speak again when I run tomorrow or the next day. You see Jesus is almost always around. Especially when you look. He is all over mostly disguised as the hungry, the lonely, the poor the orphan, the forgotten widow and the prisoner behind bars. He is named Willie, Joe, Brenda, Malcome and sometimes even goes by foreign names I find hard to pronounce. Heck sometimes we don’t even speak the same language. Most of the time I notice that Jesus smells funny and he is almost never very neat or clean. But I know it is Him because He told me so. “I tell you the truth, when ever you did unto the least of these you did unto me”.




6 responses

2 04 2012

This really blessed me and was very encouraging. Thank you. God is awesome!!

2 04 2012

This really made me think.

13 05 2012

I love the story.

20 05 2012

It is a true story.

3 12 2012

Hey young, I have been looking for your email address. Send it to me at midtownglenn@gmail.com.

26 01 2013

Hey Ying, send me your email address!

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