Jesus, the Lady and the Lime Green Purse

3 08 2012


I was walking across the room at Impact Ministries Food Bank, when I noticed a lady in her 40’s with her young daughter talking to a middle aged black women.  I was on my way to share the gospel with a pair of men who had come for the free groceries that our ministry offers to the poor in the Frasier area of Memphis.    We get to share a few moments with these people as they wait for their groceries to be prepared for loading into their cars.

After my time with these young men I walked again past the lady and her daughter in time to witness the ladies in prayer with the black lady as they held hands together.   I had never seen this lady nor her daughter at the ministry before.  It must have been their first time.  A local large church frequently gets volunteers to come from time to time to share.

As I returned to my seat I noticed that the three women were in tears as, apparently, the visitor had prayed to receive Christ.  There is nothing quite like praying with the lost to come to Jesus.  This is the first time I noticed the lime green purse on the floor next to the ladies.

Later in the morning, I was standing outside the room where we shared; a man came into the hallway to get his “ticket” to receive his free groceries.  He was carrying a beautiful lime green purse.  I stared at the purse and then at him.  He nervously volunteered that his aunt asked him to bring it to her.  As I continued to watch him he placed the purse on the floor and proceeded in line without it.  I picked it up and stood by it in a corner.  He left without it

A few minutes later the lady entered the hallway.  I had since alerted someone in authority that the purse was “at risk”.  The lady hugged the neck of the recent convert and I asked her if she was missing a purse.  She rushed into the counseling area and returned saying she had indeed lost her purse.  I pointed it out to her and she grabbed it quickly.    Her beautiful smile was gone now as she was aghast that someone had taken it.  I reminded her of the joy she had beaming on her face only moments before for the lost.  Her smile did not return.  She said her husband would be furious with her if she lost it.

I ask her if she were willing to come down here each week and reach the lost each week if the only cost to her was her lime green purse and its contents.  She looked at me in horror and exclaimed that her husband would never forgive her if she lost that purse and had to replace it along with her credit cards and her driver’s license.  But what if that were the only cost for having one soul spent eternity in heaven verses hell.  Would it be worth it, I ask?  She reiterated her husband would kill her if that happened.  I have never seen her back again to share with the poor and the lost.  What a shame.  “A man is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose”.  Jim Elliot.  Even a lime green purse.

Oh that we would all fling our lime green purses to the wind and reap the souls of the poor and hungry for all eternity.




2 responses

24 08 2012

Hi. I pray that you arrived safely and that all is well. Remember, I am praying for you daily! May God richly bless you and the ministry!

24 08 2012

Great quote!

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