I Need a Diet Coke

6 08 2012

Is Glenn That Thirsty!

My plane leaves on August the 20th for Tanzania.  So I have a last request.  I wondered if you would be so kind as to buy me a Coke.  They are 1.69 at the corner store in the individual bottle section.  I know you, so I know that you would gladly get me one if we were together and I asked.  But actually I “don’t” want you to buy me a Coke, a Sprite, a Diet Coke or a Dr. Pepper.  But since you would buy me a Coke would you do something better?  Would you save that money that you would spend to buy me a Coke, actually I drink Diet Coke, and help me to buy bibles and supplies for the new believers instead.

I assume since you would buy me a Coke today you might not mind buying me a couple a week.  I think that is not an unreasonable request.  Especially if I really wanted and needed one.  But what I really want and what the Kingdom of God really benefits from is you to simply pledge a very small amount each month.  How about 10.00 a month for the next two years.  It is a ridiculously low amount I know.  And though it will make little difference to you I wanted you, to know that it will make a huge difference in the lives of new believers.  They are hungry for God’s Kingdom in Tanzania and Kenya . My friend Marc Carrier is seeing dozens come to Christ, be baptized and enter into active discipleship each week.  He has urged me to get funding for bibles.  Though you may own a few there is scarcely a bible to be found sometimes for many, many miles in Africa.

Would you please click on the link below and make a monthly pledge or automatic donation to help new believers to grow in Christ.  Many of the Muslim peoples that are coming to Christ in Africa are battling persecution and hanging on to our Savior without a bible in sight to feed and comfort them.   Any donation will help and I need you to join me in this work.  I can’t do it without God and His Church.  You have meant to give to many causes, if you are like me and the opportunity was lost.  Lost when we took a phone call, that plea went off of the TV set before we got a pen or some distraction kept us from our best intentions in our busy lives.  Now before you get busy, click on the link below and say yes to serving the least of these.  Great is your reward in Heaven.


Click on the link and go to the bottom of the page.  Quick before the phone rings or your little ones come looking for mommy or daddy or your next bing on your cell phone telling you of yet another text.  Before you get distracted and move on missing another opportunity to join in Kingdom work.

Your brother,






One response

11 08 2012

Great post brother! I love how you compared donating to buying a Coke… really puts things into prospective.

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