In the presence of Giants: And victims of radical Islam

18 10 2012

In the presence of Giants

I am going to get into trouble for that title. But I don’t mind. You see for part of last week I was with brothers and sisters who serve on the mission field all over Africa. Some have orphanages, rescue ministries for abused girls, prison ministries and refuge ministries just to name a few. These are just the “helps” ministries they do and don’t include the mission of simply reaching the Muslims, primitive tribes, animist, villagers and city slum dwellers they live among. Some are wanted by radicals and have had people sent to harm them and their families. They hide others and themselves from radicals while continuing to witness Jesus love to the many Muslims open to the Gospel message.

A few have been detained or arrested, some have seen churches destroyed and even had friends and family members slain, for Jesus. None of these men belong to a large well funded organization or a nationally recognized charity. They are just men and women, perhaps like you. At some point in life they just gave it all up for Jesus and began “going” into all the world. Although every one of the individual ministries need help, there was no talk of such things in the meetings. We did not discuss funding or even talk about fundraising. Rather, we talked about the Kingdom of God and how to expand it.

I learned of ministries I cannot talk about in this blog or in public. Lives are at stake. And I also learned some things that I must do something about but need your help to address. Some of you have already been emailed about this issue in the last 36 hours but I must mention it again here. There are Muslim women that come to Jesus and then are thrown out of their homes to live on the street with their youngest children while their husband keeps the older ones. And that is if their husband cares for them. Some are simply killed or brutalized. Some are helped by churches and continue in the faith serving the Lord. But I was appalled to learn that many fall through the cracks due to economics. Some return to Islam rather than starve. No one asked me to contact you about it. There are just brothers and sisters discussing options, housing and how to serve these women on the resources available. I was told we are doing all we can. Well at least these guys are doing all they can.

I have a question. What are you going to do about it? Email me at midtownglenn@ and let’s act together.

From my iPad in Africa




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