New Opportunities In Africa

24 01 2013

I am very excited to share with you three opportunities for ministries her in Tanzania and Kenya.

Opportunity One: As many of you who watch me on Facebook know I was sick and had to go to the hospital.  It is the same one I visited for a sick worker several weeks back and learned that the hospitals here, and in fact most of the third world, don’t provide anything but medical treatment.  What is wrong with that you ask?  No food, no water, just a bed, blanket and medicine.  If you begin to grow week because you live too far from family to have a caregiver come and stay with you and feed you and get you water, they pop an iv in and try to keep you going till you are over the illness then you are OUT!

I was alarmed to learn that this is all they can afford and they admit that many are in great jeopardy of malnutrition and severe dehydration.  They are staffed by nuns and have a very clean neat facility and routinely watch patients needlessly suffer.

During my visit I got Dr. Panga to agree to call me on day two if no one had shown up for a patient.  I believe that meeting the needs of these sick people does two things.  Opens the doors for the Gospel and fulfills Jesus clear command to visit the sick and help the poor.

Opportunity Two:  I am returning to Nairobi to again reconnect with the persecuted Muslims that some of you provided housing for last quarter.  We were able to house over 19 people over four families.  Some were living on the streets having been kicked out after coming to Christ in countries like Somalia  Sudan and Ethiopia.  I am returning and they have twelve more in need that last time I talked.  We took almost a thousand dollars last time and met with the believers and they told me to tell you, they loved you and that you may have literally saved their lives.  I am asking you to contribute again.   I have pledged 200.00 so far and hope to exceed last years donation.

Opportunity Three: Now that I have a house in Usa River I am starting a fellowship with believers that we have lead to the Lord through repentance.  I have been reaching out to the alcohol brewers in the area.  They are despised by their families and live in filth.  Few are allowed contact with their family and seldom even get a decent meal.  I have felt that the passages about the love feast in the NT and the statements from Jesus about having a feast and not inviting your friends who can repay but rather the poor that can never repay to come, provide a new direction in reaching these men for Christ.

So what do we do. For Opportunity One We need funding for some cooking utensils and food so I can cook and take food to the Hospital for the sick.  It won’t take much just a few hundred.  I can probably keep it going after this initial expenditure from my budget but we will see.  God will provide.

For Number Two we simply need funding.  I would like to raise some additional funds and literally save the lives of people who are on fire to reach the Muslim world for Christ.  The brothers who serve these people live from day to day hiding and struggling for the Kingdom.  We cannot sit and let them risk their lives for Jesus and simply do nothing.  Will you help.

Number Three.  very simple.  We are just needing some additional funding for food and utensils.  Frankly One and Three can work together.  That is another reason they are perfect.  Food is cheap here and taste minimal.  I am confident that once I begin the ladies in my new house church will take up much of the cooking and I can take my translator and motor bike and minister.  We just need a 75.00 stove and some pots and pan. (I can’t cook over a charcoal fire).

That’s it for now.  You can go to Kingdom Driven Ministries and go to donate and give to Glenn Roseberry.  You may earmark it if you have a heart for a particular ministry.  I will comply.  God bless you in your giving.  I love you and appreciate you. Lets advance the Kingdom in obedience to Jesus direct command to help the poor,




3 responses

25 01 2013
Pat Roseberry

I think all you are doing is exactly what God would have all of us do wherever we are. I am particularly interested in helping those who are in the hospitals with food, water, and visits of love in the name of Jesus. It is so much like I do here in Memphis at the hospitals. I don’t provide the food and water but I do bring them living water and that is what is most needed here. We will help and pray that God provides all you need to do His work in Africa.
We love you and pray for you often.
Love you forever, Mom

25 01 2013
Pat Roseberry

Tell us more about the alcohol brewers.

26 01 2013
Brett Hancock

Amen!! That’s the heart of a disciple of Jesus.

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