Widows and Orphans

15 07 2013

Widows and Orphans

Today I am writing about our Widows, raising orphans in many cases.  Some brothers have contacted me asking about Widows and I thought I would simply post some of them to allow others an opportunity to connect with some widows that are in great need.  All of these ladies are in our house churches and most are in great need.  Some have orphans as well that they are raising.  In 2005 we had civil unrest and many murders in the slums of Nairobi.  As a result, godly people found children abandoned all over the slums as their parents were either murdered or simply fled without them.

Mathere Slums

Mary Auma Oloo born 1954 to a polygamous family raised a traditional Christian.  She joined our house churches this year and after going through the discipleship training is now a Kingdom Christian meaning she now literally ascribes to the teachings of Jesus and has gone through an extensive extensive spiritual inventory, designed to identify strongholds and sins that might impair her commitment and growth in the Lord.  This is the case of ALL the widows you will read about.  They are serious Christians working to learn to be good disciples, not just converts, and disciple makers.

Mary’s husband died in a car wreck in 1973, she washes clothes, as do many of our women and makes about .83 a day.  She has experience selling fish.  She gave birth to 15 children but only 7 survived.  She is now raising 4 children of her own and has taken in 2 orphans.

Susan Ochieng born 1920.  Susan is obviously very old and does not remember much about her previous history.  She simply needs some funds to survive.  Her daughter, Mary, listed above is her car giver.

Pamela Onyango, born 1973 in a polygamous family.  Her husband died of a stroke in 2008.  She made her living selling illegal beer for years.  Mary, lead her to a new and deeper level of Christianity and challenged her to leave her life of sin and has helped her meet clients to wash clothes.  She too has experience selling fish.  We are exploring how to start a business with these women in their skill sets.

Jesinter Awino, born 1978, to a polygamous family.  Married in 1997 and her husband died of Malaria in 2008.  She sells a local fare called samosas on the road side and also some cereals and grains. She would like to get enough money to start a cereal business with a real life sustaining inventory.  She has 5 children.

Pamela Atieno, born 1979 in a polygamous family.  Her husband died in a road accident.  She washes clothes for money and a local merchant allows her to sell or clerk in a grocery store and gives her daily food for pay. She is very committed to helping others and is raising 6 children.

Kayole Area

Eunice Niger born, 1974 with 3 children.  Her husband was poisoned by “friends” at a bar.  She makes soap by hand and I have helped her make soap before.  We have funded her a start up business buying her supplies as she had gone out of business.  She is a committed disciple maker and trains others in this skill.

Damarus Acarna, has 2 children and her husband was stabbed to death in a fight with “friends” that owed him money.  She runs a grocery store and is doing okay.

Evertine Ayetah,  born 1975 with 5 children.  She keeps house for a family of Muslims that are open to learning more about Isa, or as we say, Jesus.  Great potential here.  She is paid 18 dollars a month but really needs 36 a month to get by.  She is struggling greatly.  She fears for her children as her long hours leave them alone much of the time.  They are living like street children while she is out working 12 hours a day and they collect bottles among the garbage to sell.

Muitscent Angango, was an orphan herself.  Her husband died of AIDS and she contracted it from him.  His family kicked her out and she is raising her kids herself washing clothes and selling ink pens on the street.  She has two children. She would like to open a small kiosk to sell items to support her family.

Eunice Migizi,  married in 1995 and her husband was poisoned by “friends” at a bar.  She lives in the Soweto Slums and washes clothes to support 5 children.

Most of these women can be helped to start a business with less than a hundred dollars.  They have no health care but we provide simple antibiotics and malaria medication through the house church network.  It takes so little to make a huge and lasting difference.  Will you consider giving?  If so you can go to this link: http://kingdomdriven.org/glenn-roseberry and make a donation.  If you specify a widow and include a picture in an email to me at midtownglenn@gmail.com they really enjoy seeing their brothers and sisters in America and around that world that love them and help them  I have told them you love them and that you are obeying the Lord to help them in their time of need.  These women are sacrificial givers themselves and routinely help the, even poorer, in their community.  We teach sacrificial giving here.  They are obedient followers of Christ.  They are your sisters.




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