The Tale of Three Widows

23 07 2014

Many of you have seen me post about widows from time to time.  It seems it is near the heart of the Lord as well.  The first chapter of James tells us that true religion is to visit widows and orphans in their time of distress.  And to help the least of these is to actually, help Jesus Himself.  You have told me to let you know about needs so here we go.  I have three opportunities.



You may remember Miriam. I just baptized her and she came to the Lord from Islam. She was living on public land and we knew that some day she would have to move.  We have found her a great piece of land of over an acre for 250 dollars.  A great deal for farm land. She would be able to live near another brother and his wife and family. We will build her a mud home but need wood for window shutters and doors and frames for a tin roof.


This is Zacharia. Her house literally burned down as I was sharing on the Kingdom of God , repentance and surrender to Jesus. I already knew she was in need as a sister told me she only had one dress. Now all her possessions are gone.  She is a Maasai and dearly loved among the Meru sisters. The amazing thing is that she never told me of any need nor mentioned her house burning down in our next meeting. The other sisters had to tell me. I don’t think she would ever ask for a thing. She dearly loves the Lord and told me that He was her everything. Her own mentally disturbed son burned down her house while he was in it.  We will build her a mud home, but need wood for frames, shutters and doors. Then we will put on a tin roof.


Ditirosa, is left with her five children after her husband, Naftali, pictured here died of HIV. She has been given some land and will build a mud home.  Like the others we need wood, tin and supplies. The children are living with others in the house church till we can get her house built.  We hope to have her family reunited soon. Yes we are concerned with her having AIDS as well.  We will address that right away.

Well you have the story of our three widows.  I hope you will join us in prayer, giving and support of the least of these.  You can make your tax free donation at .

Your brother,







One response

23 07 2014
Elizabeth McEwen

Dear Brother Glenn,

I am so excited! The Lord has blessed me with some extra money, and being somewhat of a widow myself, widows are dear to my heart. I am going to send you some money for these dear sisters. Please use/distribute it as you feel is best.

Love, in Christ! ~Liz

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