How to give

First and foremost let me thank you for giving.   We must work together.  We cannot do this alone and without God’s help.  God wants you and I to be either sending or the sent.  Thank you for sending and supporting God’s work.

Feel free to contact me at and let me know you are giving.  If I don’t know you I would love to include you in an insiders type of email that I send out periodically to those that are contributors.  There are somethings, particularly concerning Muslims that come to the Lord that I cannot make public.

To make a tax deductible  donation simply click on this link  and you will go to the Kingdom Driven Ministries site.  You can then select “missionaries” and then select my name.  You will be directed to a page with a similar message as you will find on this site called,  The Mission and the Method.  At the bottom of that page is a “button” that allows you to make a tax deductible donation using PayPal or a credit or debit card. You must check the section that the gift is for Glenn or it will go into a general fund and be used for any number of wonderful needs, but I will not get it or even be notified you have given.

Please take some time, if you have not already and read my  post entitled The Mission and The Method.  There you will get an understanding of the unique and Biblical model Jesus gave His disciples to advance the Kingdom of God.

Your brother,



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